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Dubstar UK Discography

Dubstar are Sarah Blackwood (Vocals), Steve Hillier (Programming) and Chris Wilkie (Guitar).

UK Singles:

An Introduction To Dubstar [1995]

Stars [1995]

Anywhere [1995]

Not So Manic Now [1995]

Stars [1996]

Elevator Song [1996]

No More Talk [1997]

Cathedral Park [1997]

I Will Be Your Girlfriend [1998]

I (Friday Night) [2000]

The Self Same Thing [2000]

UK Albums:

Disgraceful [1995]

Disgraceful [1996]

Album Sampler [1997]

Album Sampler [1997]

Goodbye [1997]

Make It Better [2000]

Selected Non-UK Albums:

Disgraceful [1995] Japan contains seven extra tracks

Cathedral Park [1997] USA contains a selection of tracks from the first two UK albums

Goodbye [1997] USA the standard USA release was actually called "Goodbye" but matches the promod "Cathedral Park" and contains a selection of tracks from the first two UK albums

Contributions to other Albums:

Various Artists - Come Again [1997] Compilation of 22 EMI artists covering versions of other EMI artists tracks

Various Artists - Random [1997] Compilation of 26 cover versions of Gary Numan tracks

Various Artists - Be There Now [1997] Compilation free with Nov 97 Select magazine

Various Artists - A Song For Eurotrash [1998] Compilation of cover versions of Eurovision song contest tracks

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